About Us

The Cyber Scheme is a not-for-profit organisation and is run by an 

independent Board of Directors.  The aim of the Cyber Scheme is to 

provide via training and associated progressive qualifications a range of 

professional capabilities in the areas of penetration testing, forensics, 

malware analysis, risk assessment, risk management and related cyber 

security capabilities. The profession needs properly trained and 

certificated professionals.  The Cyber Scheme will help to encourage new 

talent into the cyber industry and to provide a professionalization route for 

those already working in the industry. 


The Scheme was accredited by, and set up with the approval of 

GCHQ/CESG and will be monitored on an on-going basis by CESG to 

ensure that both course content and academic and examination standards 

are maintained and reflect the current needs of the industry.  

The Cyber Scheme has also appointed a diverse range of professionals as

the executive membership committee, who are responsible for overseeing 

the development and on-going governance of the scheme.  Presently, the 

board has representation from; UK Cyber Challenge, IISP, IRM PLC 

Random Storm and Encription Limited.  Other major organisations 

have also shown an interest in being involved in the scheme in the future. 

The profession needs properly trained and certificated professionals.  The 

Cyber Scheme will help to encourage new talent into the cyber industry 

and to provide a professionalization route for those already working in the 


The Cyber Scheme Team Member/ Leader (CSTM/L) and certification has 

been approved by CESG for equivalence as part of the CHECK Team 

Member/ Leader (CTM/L) eligibility criteria. 

Get Involved

Cyber Scheme membership is open to individuals, Corporate 

Organisations, Government bodies and Academia. The Cyber Scheme 

members currently consists of a range of organisations that are either 

involved directly in the cyber security industry, such as those that conduct 

security testing, or have a vested interest in the ongoing professionalism 

of the industry. We are always on the look out for volunteers to assist, so 

please conact us if wish to help.

We would not exist without the help and support of our Corporate Partners:  Cyber Security Challenge UK  Encription Ltd  IRM Plc   IISP  
Corporate Sponsors News & Events
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The Cyber Scheme is currently negotiating with academic partners such 

as the University of 

Gloucestershire (UoG) with a view to having Cyber Scheme courses and 

qualifications accredited at level 7 of the National Qualifications 

Framework (NQF).  To this end the Cyber Scheme Team Member (CSTM) 

Qualification has recently been endorsed by UoG as being equivalent to 

study at level 7 of the NQF and would be granted Accreditation for Prior 

Learning at this level on an appropriate MSc programme. 

The CSTM course has recently been presented for accreditation with the 

Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) and we expect to be 

in a position to announce that this course has been accredited in the near 


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